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Collaboration Festival

NouNous Festival: Un poyo rojo

© Ishka Michocka

★★★★ "joyous, funny and skillful hour of comedic dance" -The Scotsman

In an empty locker room two men play with movement, an analogue radio and tiny shorts. A raw, playful and funny hour interspersed with competitiveness and camaraderie as well as seduction and sabotage. The athletic bodies of Luciano Rosso and Alfonso Barón move fluently from wrestling to dance, acrobatics to physical comedy in an irresistible distortion of the expectations of manhood. Un poyo rojo have toured 9 years extensively across Latin America, visited France, UK and Spain, and now introducing their work to Finnish audience for the first time. Not to be missed!

"A highly sensual show, with unyielding energy and teasing humour" - Télérama ★★★★★

"Un Poyo Rojo is a joyful, brilliantly funny dance parody of macho peacocking " -The Stage

"Un Poyo Rojo looks like a beady-eyed exploration of masculinity." -The Guardian
"Un Poyo Rojo doesn ́t just arch a brow at masculinity, it takes a cigarette from it, then blows smoke in its face " -The Sunday Times

NouNous Festival 4.-9.12.2018

This year the second edition of Kallo Collective's unique 6 day festival of physical comedy includes performances by acclaimed international guests from Argentina, New Zealand and Norway. Both of Cirko's stages, Maneesi and Solmu, are in active use and the Festival is proud to present 6 different shows with something new, something old and something blue.

  • Artistic Direction: Hermes Gaido
  • Performers: Alfonso Barón & Luciano Rosso
  • Choreography: Luciano Rosso & Nicolás Poggi
  • Production: Maxime Seugé & Jonathan Zak
  • Co-operation with: Flow sirkus

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27,50-30,00 €

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