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Cirko Festival

Humaneesi: We Jazz DJs

Ⓒ Koriansuora

At Cirko Festival every day ends with Humaneesi – a free klub at Cirko's own Maneesi hall. Humaneesi is a visually strong environment which atmosphere is created by five unique club nights varying from DJ sets to tight wire dancing and from aerial acrobatics to techno.

The first club night, We Jazz DJs, is co-hosted by Cirko and the We Jazz Creative Agency. The DJ duo sets the
mood with groovy vinyls across the wide spectrum of jazz styles. The main thing is the rhythmic pulse
that is approached with a great variety of vibes, including Latin influences and high-powered soul jazz.
Besides club and festival gigs, DJs Matti Nives and Eero Löyttyjärvi are known for their radio shows on Radio
Helsinki FM and Bassoradio FM. In 2016, the We Jazz Creative Agency launched their own record label
which quickly rose to international acclaim.

Showtime 9:30PM

  • DJ: Matti Nives & Eero Löyttyjärvi

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