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Circolombia: Acéléré

© Roberto Ricciuti

“An adrenalin-fuelled mix of strength, skill and daring – a great night out”

Time Out ★★★★

“A sexy tangle of muscular limbs” Evening Standard ★★★★

Circolombia delivers guts, grace and gusto, direct from Bogota to HELSINKI for the first time.

Celebrating Colombia’s rich diversity with voices, dance and spectacular raw, infectious energy - Acéléré is no ordinary circus! Circolombia the electrifying troupe brought their unique and visceral performance style to Edinburgh with Acéléré. And listed as the top rated show across all gendres of the Festival 2017. Inspired by Colombia’s diverse communities, Acéléré features the sheer power of 14 of the most talented performers across the country, coupled with mind-boggling skill and a willingness to take terrifying risks on stage, delivering world-class, and gravity defying performances audiences will never forget.

Best described as a ‘circus concert’ due to the prominent role music plays, with daring circus artists singing and rapping live whilst performing their skills. The music is not important. It’s essential. Acéléré also showcases jaw dropping circus skills, highly infectious energy and extraordinary dynamism that constitutes the hallmark of Circolombia’s artists. This coupling of a powerful, original soundtrack and live performance with raw, wild individual and collective energy garnered by the 14 strong troupe creates a genuineness and authenticity that is very rare in contemporary circus. 

Tickets are sold via starting from the 18 th of May. Tickets.

Download the handprogramme of the performance.

“Non-stop circus party that puts a smile on your face and a spring in your step” The Stage ★★★★

  • Creative and Artistic Director: Felicity Simpson
  • Performers: Cristian David TRIVINO RINCON, Laura Lucia LLOREDA MARTINEZ, Julia SANCHEZ AJA, Diana Patricia VARGAS MONTOYA, Juliana Valentina TORO VELASQUEZ, Juan Manuel NAVARRO RUBIANO, Francisco HURTADO HURTADO, Sandra IBANEZ RAMIREZ, Cesar Steve IZQUIERDO ACEVEDO, Jarrinson CUERO MARTINEZ, Juan David CAMPO TERAN, Laura Patricia TENORIO CUAN, Wilmer Andres MARTINEZ
  • Rigging and Artist: Diego Rene SANCHEZ BARRERA
  • Company manager: Ketsia Joseph Monrose
  • Lights and Technical manager: James Loudon
  • Mastermind in the shadows: Francois Bertron
  • Rigging: Ivan Arjona

Performance details

  • Time
    Fri 18.5.2018 19:00
    Sat 19.5.2018 15:00
    Sat 19.5.2018 19:00
    Sun 20.5.2018 15:00
  • Running time
    approx. 60 min
  • Suitable for ages
    Esitys sopii loistavasti perheille. Huomioithan jos olet tuomassa pieniä lapsia, että musiikki soi kovalla läpi esityksen.
  • Venue
    Finnish National Theatre
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48 – 43 / 28

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